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manufactures microwave radio frequency(RF) PCB, hybrid high-frequency Print Circuit Board, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, metal-based PCB, ceramic PCB, IC substrate, IC test Board.

What are the application scenarios for PCB assembly products?

What are the application scenarios for PCB assembly products? Introduction to the production, manufacturing, and testing process of circuit boards.
Soft hard combination board refers to the classification of rigid circuit boards (PCBs) and flexible circuit boards (FPCs) by pressing, which can also be produced separately.

The optimal selection control point for soft and hard bonding boards is to select the core and key parameters within the board, including the surface quality and pressing time of the soft and hard bonding board.
The PCB stacking thickness of the soft and hard combination board should be adjusted reasonably while ensuring the substrate characteristics. For some thin board circuit boards and more complex parts, the stacking process can also be used to achieve this. For small electronic products with high requirements, the combination of soft and hard boards can use multi-layer boards and soft and hard boards.
The soft and hard combination board adopts pressing, drilling, electroplating, and other leveling methods. The number of layers of the soft and hard combination board does not exceed 1. Generally, the multi layer board is 3 to 4 layers, and the pressing thickness is>32mm,
There are many types of plates, including belt, coil, hyperbolic, L-shaped, C-shaped, etc. The appearance, size, internal wiring, wiring, VIA, Hatch Versatile, OSP process, anti cracking, etc. of different types and specifications of plates.
The minimum line width and line spacing are 004mm, the minimum aperture is 015mm, and the standard is 01mm. It can also be processed according to customer requirements.
Commonly used plates: FR4, high TG plate, HDI plate, PI reinforced plate, aluminum based, copper based, iron based composite substrate, ceramic substrate, iron based, covering film, electromagnetic shielding.
Impedance matching device, testing instrument, data converter, recorder, network test report, withstand voltage tester, anti-interference test, switch power supply, filter, fuse, power type antenna, battery charger, LED ballast, RJ45-E/E, DC-B automatic converter, wireless channel test, buzzer, wireless linear horn, LCD/LCD display, buzzer, real-time clock, Bluetooth terminal, coaxial customized IC, Bluetooth antenna Magnetic materials, capacitors, resistors, antennas, inductors, filters, motors, speakers, UPS, power supplies, various electric vehicles, motors, batteries, DC screens, battery chargers, lithium batteries, batteries (cars), car chargers, MP3, wireless chargers, DVD drives, displays, card readers, computers, base stations, digital products, Bluetooth, DTU, wireless chargers, audio, adapters, mobile power supplies, etc., digital products, Bluetooth Processing and welding of electronic components such as MP3, wireless chargers, headphones, e-cigarettes, car chargers, videos, players, CPUs, computer peripherals, as well as various discrete devices, integrated circuits, electronic components, electronic materials, etc.
Due to the rapid and explosive spread of COVID-19, many concerns have been raised about the positive impact of the production and processing of electronic components and the participation of all staff in epidemic prevention and control.
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