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Some market data on PCB assembly products

Some market data for PCB assembly products. With the continuous development of LED electronic display screens, the LED display screen industry is bound to continue to develop in the future. LED electronic display screen products are also constantly moving towards intelligence, high light efficiency, high responsiveness, miniaturization, multipoint, high-frequency, and micro step drive technology. Innovative waterproof and anti blocking drive technologies for LED display screen modules and lamp holder modules are also needed At the same time, it is necessary to adapt to different working environments, apply to different working environment requirements, have UL certification, and LED display screens have advantages such as high brightness, low power consumption, high stability, high resolution, high weather resistance, and safety. LED based display screens have advantages such as high brightness, low power consumption, high weather resistance, impact resistance, and waterproofing, and have been widely used in outdoor, indoor, outdoor, and outdoor fields. At the same time, as industrial sites gradually enter the development of technologies such as wide range LED packaging, electronic display screens, and LED packaging, the industry has also put forward a demand for high integration of LEDs.
Due to the continuous development of the application field of LED display screens, the advantages and possibilities of LED display screens will gradually increase.
The price of LED display screens has reached a new high and low. Here is the price of the display screen, as the prices of different manufacturers with different color temperatures vary greatly, but it needs to be clarified. In order to prevent the price of LED display screens from doubling and ensure the price given to you, it must be from 4 degrees, 6 degrees to 5 degrees. From 4 degrees to 10 degrees, it is best to choose a display brand that is no less than 4 degrees. Of course, the brands vary, and there are also significant differences in color management due to the differences in LED display colors. However, according to the size of 2 degrees to 10 degrees, if the color of a 2 degree display screen is linear, such as an RGB module, a 3 degree display screen is called a linear LED, and vice versa, it is called a square LED.
Because Nixie tube belongs to digital Nixie tube and the voltage is fixed, there are two basic ways to choose a sense. Generally, each display screen has one light-emitting diode and one or more light-emitting diodes, which are characterized by small size and high power. However, there is no need for too much power supply, and basic display driver ICs of 6 series 16 parallel or 16 series 16 parallel can be used.
The Nixie tube is the luminous detection tube inside the computer display screen, and its quality is directly related to whether the screen body is normal. Therefore, the selected lamp beads can touch the lamp beads in some cases, and at the same time, it is also conducive to comparison.

The color gamut of P305 lamp beads and S273 lamp beads is 25:1, with a resistance range of 05-10 ohms.
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