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manufactures microwave radio frequency(RF) PCB, hybrid high-frequency Print Circuit Board, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, metal-based PCB, ceramic PCB, IC substrate, IC test Board.

The products of PCB assembly manufacturers are subject to tax increases, including

PCB assembly manufacturers' products are subject to additional taxes. These products have these appearances, and PCB assembly manufacturers use them for these products. PCB assembly manufacturers' terminals or printed circuit board assemblers deliver customized printed circuit boards or PCB printed circuit board installers deliver products. Low price points for purchased products are in the delivery of PCB or PCB printed circuit board assemblers, product classifications, delivery of products, wholesale of components, electronic components, and chips Or chip type semiconductor interconnection version plastic packaging yuan printed circuit board assembler delivers customized products to FPC or tape FPC, the specific supplier of shielding film for biological components Marking Qinxi IR reflow soldering simple quotation technical parameters, lamp board full color light lamp beads IPCB-CLIP – 70 lamp beads PP+special heat resistance+280 ° C Class 10 lamp beads heat dissipation lamp bead screw holes.
Kingdee ERP standard sample; The manufacturer goes from the production department to the shipping and engineering department for issuance; Whole process: CAD/CAM;
FED flexible board (FPCB), also known as soft board or soft board. This type is based on a soft board or a combination of soft and hard boards.
FPC is made by pressing a single-layer copper foil substrate with an adhesive substrate, which has low thermal resistance, good contact, and is bendable.
It is mainly used for PCB and board edge bonding, and the industry has already painted PCBs on its products, thereby achieving good bending resistance of FPC.

The bending resistance of flexible printed boards is such that when the bending force is not sufficient to remove the solder pads, the insulation layer will fade out and swell, without causing much pressure.

The base materials for flexible printed boards in the process operation manual are sorted according to the base material, industry, month, and year. Sort by base material, industry, and month. According to area, it can be divided into back drilling, microwave board, rigid bending board, antenna board, etc.
Plate thickness requirement STEAM refers to the thickness of epoxy fiberglass fabric substrate. Pb100V refers to the thickness of the PCB board. An ordinary circuit board refers to a PCB board with a thickness of PN layer, PAD layer, PI layer, C layer, L layer, and L layer. PCB products include PB crimping I/O connectors, integrated circuits (ICs), and clamping between PCB line spacing L and printed circuit board line width and line spacing. PB is the connector PCB. HCT is a single-sided and double-sided mounting technology that uses small parts for crimping, with a typical feature of strap interconnection. The spacing D between high-speed HCT pins is the required support line width (or pad width), and D is the square pad with the required support outer diameter.
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