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PCB assembly manufacturers need to do a good job in standard work to improve product quality

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the single chip microcomputer, integrated circuit design must have appropriate device selection, ensure the consistency of IF and device selection on the single chip microcomputer, and also have the knowledge of programmable devices with target devices, which can take years to find the best device knowledge.
Designers still need to spend a lot of effort, but these efforts are limited. There are no replicable devices in the design process, but during software development, certain functions may still not be able to find the best replacement, which may lead to the occurrence of defective products.
But sometimes we may choose to switch to a new device without knowing its advantages. Perhaps to achieve the most reliable performance, we must design the best device, which includes power, cycle time, and application process selection.
//Parallel connectors should consider both the electrical parameters and capacitance of the connector, and must meet the maximum DC power consumption requirements that can be accepted by standard products.
//Bandwidth, definition and characteristics of signal level, standard performance requirements for high-power application design, and the relationship between its design characteristics, electromagnetic compatibility and EMC performance must be considered.
//The structural design of automotive, marine equipment, and command signal equipment with various shapes and structures.
//The ultra-high performance of the low capacitance electronic compass is suitable for various harsh industrial environments, requiring the highest level of deep guide rail integrated circuits; MOSFET type devices; SiC devices; Vdss capacitors, only MOSFET type products can become high-end MOSFET prototype products.

//The ultra high performance of the diode electronic compass is suitable for various harsh industrial environments (including those referred to as "semiconductors" in factories or outdoors).
Bidirectional thyristor can achieve unidirectional thyristor. Bidirectional thyristor cannot achieve unidirectional thyristor. Bidirectional thyristor cannot achieve bidirectional thyristor. Bidirectional thyristor cannot achieve unidirectional thyristor.
For unidirectional thyristor, it is essentially a bidirectional thyristor control device, where the diodes on the main circuit conduct or trigger the thyristor through the gate of the unidirectional thyristor to output to the control circuit. For unidirectional thyristor, it is currently mainly used in China.
The voltage should not exceed the power supply voltage of the main control DC bus, especially when the power supply voltage of the control circuit or transistor without voltage control function exceeds the power supply voltage, which will cause a decrease in the ability of the external thyristor to withstand the gate voltage and generate oscillation phenomenon.
The working temperature should not exceed the temperature field temperature of the double transistor loop, nor should it exceed the alternating temperature. Otherwise, it will reduce the insulation characteristics of the thyristor, cause its insulation resistance to be too high, and easily cause safety hazards;
Due to the fact that the load plus root resistance can maintain the specified ambient temperature, sufficient installation strength and application safety conditions should be considered when applying. An explosion-proof controller with an ambient temperature of 30 ° C should be selected.
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