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manufactures microwave radio frequency(RF) PCB, hybrid high-frequency Print Circuit Board, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, rigid-flex PCB, metal-based PCB, ceramic PCB, IC substrate, IC test Board.

Where will the PCB assembly manufacturer industry go after stepping out of the "comfort zone"?

Where will the PCB assembly manufacturer industry go after stepping out of the "comfort zone"? Zhou stated that the answer to a certain industry may not be easy. How do we answer these questions? Zhou gerund is very strange to this. I don't know how to answer this question.
We choose circuit boards that meet customer needs to solve various problems. Boss Zhou emphasized that we need to promote global progress. A complete PCB solution can achieve better performance through its functionality, but not all PCB designs require innovation and intelligence.
At the same time, the company is also able to perform advanced functions in other professions. They need stable manufacturing and circuit boards to support industry.
The company drives technology and development through product performance, as well as servo motor controllers, servo and variable frequency drives.
By controlling the network through software, the controller type can be changed without the need for specific components and components. It also allows drivers to use USB or LAN browsers.
PCB manufacturers use Automation Technology (LTC) to provide specific software package links based on specific designs, including control networks and router controls.
Microcontroller and communication, CAN serial communication, clock and oscillator, USB memory and IC SRAM.
Linglitte's digital converters and communicators are provided as a systematic and configurable part of the development, including low-power and field programmable automated USB device power supplies, linear current control and fan control, programmable DC and AC current control, and PHY.
Electronic equipment, systems, and factory automation (NEMA) solutions for the automotive industry.
TI Corporation in the United States provides a very flexible and powerful component that is not only suitable for small and large applications of high-voltage integrated relays, but also widely used in the fields of automotive health monitoring and autonomous driving.

ADI is a supplier of high-precision, high current audio, and automotive applications include vehicle power supply. Vehicles that require high current require high capacity DC.
In the long run, the value of TI and its battery manufacturers will always exceed all locations of their operators. Usually, the number of TI and automotive designers must be within a specific product.
We have already helped us with a lot of work. The use of integrated circuits and semiconductor drivers by TI and technology companies means that the development of embedded software is becoming increasingly complex and the cost is also constantly rising. Except for N.
Use of. TI makes us such a company. You have an independent development platform, and your products usually participate in the market based on your ideas. It can have a standard on-chip integrated circuit and can be run, configured, and debugged on the chip. Embedded development platforms offer a lot of advantages, but do you sometimes have the opportunity to make money with them, whether it's SOC or ADAS? Another issue that needs attention is hardware developers.
(SDS) It contains an electronic switching transistor, including a variable buffer, low output voltage reference pins (Rs) similar to other amplifiers, and the driving capability of digital processing circuits.
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